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Sand Washer—Helping You to Get Rid of Dust from Sand

04/01/2019 Return

As one of kinds of important raw materials for road and building construction industries, Mountain sand unveils a potential prospect in the market. At the same time, a type of equipment has been born in this background to help people to remove dusts from sand.

sand washer in factory

1. Various Models of Sand Washer

In order to meet more and more different needs, more diverse sand washer models are required such as:



Motor power(Kw)



8P 4



8P 5.5



8P 7.5



8P 11


2. Good Price Building a Hot-selling Path for HXJQ

How much is a sand washer? Actually, there is not a common standard for sand washer price in the market according to some research on various quotations. Because different materials, techniques, marketing methods and company profits will all put certain influence on the price. It happens a lot that a number of users pay lots of extra money to buy a sand washer which turns out not to fit in their own projects in the end. What should we do to avoid such condition mentioned just now?

sand washer at site

a. Google to locate a trustworthy large-scale sand washer manufacturer;

b. Make adequate comparison concerning sand washer quality, price and service;

c. Throw a visit on the factory;

d. Pay attention to each term of contract;

e. It’s the last thing to take advantage of products with incredibly cheap prices, because there is no such thing as free in the world.


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